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Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium Nidus Avis)

Birds Nest Fern (Asplenium Nidus Avis)

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Only 2 available - wont be stocking these again for a long while!

Established a Birds Nest Fern in a 12cm nursery pot. This fern is super popular loves indoor life, it loves a North facing window spot out of direct hot sun. A very pretty fern with its glossy, green leaves that unfurl from a central rosette.


 Keep moist but not soaking wet, water when just starting to dry out. Loves a bit of humidity if you can provide it.



  • No two plants are alike, the plant you receive will have its own unique shape, size and personality; photos are given as a guide only.
  • Photos are of our actual plants in stock, while all of our stock plants are very similar, we are more than happy to email you photos to select the plant you like best. Please leave us a note in the checkout.
  • As this is a nursery stock plant, it is planted in a peat based mix, which may or may not suit your environment (cold vs warm).